Fear Community, 2020

The first zine I ever made, and still a personal favorite. What if there was no difference between fear and fervor? What if there were fates better than death? What if Reanimator was t4t? 32 pages collecting spot-illustrated fanfiction on horror classics REANIMATOR, THE THING, and HALLOWEEN.
Available for purchase on Etsy.

Liner Notes, 2021

With the power of time theft and the office copier/printer, bit by bit I collaged together a zine about integral (and sometimes painful) parts of my life, interconnected by eight different albums. There's two Mountain Goats albums on here, due to the type of person that I am.
Available in print on Etsy or on Itch.

Secrets About Chronic Illness + Divine Revelations, 2022

Zines made for ZC MAG ZIGjam, based on prompts 'Make an ai generated zine that tells secrets about chronic illness' and 'Make an art zine that ranks divine revelations.' Put together in ~24 hours each.

Re: the use of 'AI' here - this zine was created at a point in time before Midjourney and its ilk began to pick up speed/processing capability and entered a more contentious state of online discourse regarding 'ethical use' of the tools. This isn't the place to tuck a full dissertation on my thoughts on LLMs but suffice to say, at present I'm not interested in revisiting the software as an artistic tool.
Available on Itch.