date or die

What would do you for love? How much will you put on the line?

DATE OR DIE is an 18+ horror visual novel about meeting your soulmate on a gameshow from hell. I worked on DoD from 2014 to 2018, when the project was discontinued. As the cocreator and art director, I handled every aspect of the game's visuals, ranging from character concepts to environmental development to UI design. We also showcased the game's demo at Pax East 2017.

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contract/jam work

AS ABOVE / SO BELOW is a adult sci-fi visual novel set in a hot, snappy world of mechas and sexual drama. In 2019 I assisted the team with typesetting and menu design, as well as placeholder illustrations for CG sequences. The project is currently shelved, though the demo can be played for free here.

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WHO WE ARE NOW is a post-apocalyptic romance visual novel, which I joined in 2018 to provide art assets while the lead artist was on medical leave. I style matched to modify existing character portraits as well as create new CGs and backgrounds for the 'Jesse's Story' chapter.

DEFRAGMENTED is a 2016 sci-fi third person shooter with visual novel sequences - I was contracted to handle the visual novel aspects. Responsibilities included character design and creation of final portrait assets, as well as light UI assistance and 2D environmental design.

I've also done full UI sets for several Ren'Py games. For more information, please reach out via email.


TITAN is a game I made over the course of a week for the December 2022 monthly Bitsy jam, which was based around the theme 'hibernation.' It's a small interactive fiction about geology and can be played for free here.

I play around in live2d from time to time! I'll continue to update and expand this space as I do more rigs.

I was graciously given the chance to do some prop design for COQUETTE DRAGOON and GET IN THE CAR, LOSER!
Textured an arcade cabinet to appear in CQD backgrounds (3d model and render by Ivy Jane) and designed an item + wrote its three-part weapon story with feedback from Christine Love (final pixel asset by August Cartland) for a DLC episode of GITCL.