the vow

THE VOW is a ~300-page T4T erotic horror graphic novel, coming 2024. Two elite agents of a shadowy organization are sent to the far northern provinces of the world, with the intent to subdue and capture their beastly target by any means necessary. Longstanding rivalry and tension distract them from their mission, even as the creature hunts them in turn. Dark fantasy, messy relationships, and monsters abound.

I've been working on Sahull together with my partner Sykes since January 2020 - S writes, I draw, we both scheme. Crowdfunding soon.

To read a 39-page free preview of THE VOW, click here.

shadow of the valley

SHADOW OF THE VALLEY is a playful concept book in progress about a television show that doesn't exist. SOTV is a labor coming from my own complicated emotions concerning fandom, transformative works, and the lenses through which art is perceived.

The work featured in SOTV varies through many mediums, ranging from photography to interviews to fanfiction to promotional design - think of it as an epistolary secondary source for a nonexistent primary text.

handle with care

HANDLE WITH CARE is a kinetic novel in progress, centering on a comforting exploration of kink.

I wanted to make something that could honestly be called 'wholesome' or 'cozy' that was still very much adult and indulgent in its subject material, and HWC is more or less what came of it. Demo hopefully coming winter/fall of 2024.


BLOODLETTING is a planned serial comic about a girl, Victoria, who's falling apart, and the dynamic between her and her mentor Ivo. It's a little bit Carrie, a little bit Carrion, and a lot of agegap fun.

no stars but the sun

NSBTS is a planned (???) set in a universe where, though magic is real, it hasn't really improved the lives of most people in it. A young godling, tiring of the bleak state of things, sets their sights on causing the end of the world - and the only people standing against them are losing the will to fight. Trans trauma high fantasy drama.