MIMICRY is a standalone horror comic I drew in a couple months in 2021 after kicking around the core idea for quite a while longer than than that. As a shut-in moth suffers a string of strange phonecalls, the ability to discern between paranoid theory and reality begins to disintegrate.

'Equal parts disturbingly written and beautifully illustrated, this zine is great at getting under your skin.'

Available on Etsy and Itch, as well as via Radiator Comics.

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SKIN DEEP and STRIKE are a pair of comics I drew in 2020, based on a D&D AU of my character Rook. Skin Deep is an imagined scenario for the character, while Strike is based on a real play event.

These weren't drawn with prepress in mind so they'll never be in print, but I think they're both solid enough to be worth keeping around. Both comics are available on Itch (Skin Deep, Strike)